Max Persson

Christian Persson, founder and owner of Persson Construction, LLC, was born and raised in New Hampshire. His apprenticeship began in high school, under his father’s direction, where he was taught the traditional skills and techniques used to build quality products.

After finishing high school and completing some college coursework, Christian realized his love for carpentry and desire to create with his hands, and began working professionally as a subcontractor, becoming the fourth generation of carpenters in his family.

Christian has experience in construction projects ranging from the framing of new structures, both commercial and residential, to remodeling projects that require attention to fine details. He has worked in most New England states as well as Key West, Florida, on new projects such as constructing a new Starbucks Coffee Company store to remodeling a historic Newport, RI mansion.

After working as a subcontractor for many years, Christian and his wife, Kim, began Persson Construction. In 2006, they launched a fully insured, family-run, small business. In 2011, Maxwell was born, and will perhaps become the fifth generation of Persson carpenters.

Persson Construction strives to provide excellent customer service and create quality projects that will last for years to come.

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Persson Construction, LLC, Construction & Remodeling Services, Lee, NH


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